Our corporate practice provides a reliable and solid support in each area of business, be it specific matters or cases or the permanent daily needs involving all of the commercial activities of our clients.

Baraona Marshall stands alongside its clients through the commercial contracting procedures, labor matters, regulatory compliance and, in general, in all aspects related to corporate legal requirements. All of this with a business focus adapted to the strategies of each client and to the risk management. Also, we have collaborative relations with relevant law firms abroad with the purpose of offering our clients integral and comprehensive solutions.


Baraona Marshall has an extensive experience in tax matters and its practice has been lengthy recognized by specialized publications and rankings. In this respect, our firm provides an active advisory to local and international clients within an ample scope of tax advisory areas, including general corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions transactions, financing, implementations, transfer prices, planning and structuring of property of companies and individuals.

Our tax litigation team has ample experience in representing national and international clients in all their needs pertaining to this area. Our advise has been distinguished to be empathetic with our clients always providing innovative, proactive and reasonable solutions to their requirements.


Our Firm provides specialized tax services to our clients as part of our legal tax advise. This unique feature differentiates our Firm from other legal services providers and offers a one-stop alternative to our clients in the legal practice. Our tax group aims to provide highly specialized and innovative solutions, paying attention not only to legal aspects of tax advise but also to technical and accounting derivations of each proposal to our clients.


We advise our clients in the areas of corporate financing and banking, projects and structured finance, be them creditors, debtors, sponsors or guarantors. We provide advisory to the issuers, structuring agents and underwriters. Our firm has ample experience in the financing of public works concessions as well as in private infrastructure works and projects.


In Baraona Marshall we advise our clients on all transactions involving capital markets, securities, such as, debt securities and shares, derivatives, securitization, and structured finance, among other capital markets-related projects. We represent issuers (both sovereign and corporate) and/or underwriters and stockbrokers in public and private offerings. Member of our team have with extensive experience in international offerings, including 144A/Regulation S offerings, securitizations, and all type of cross-border sophisticated capital markets transactions.


Our Firm provides advice in the real estate industry, both in commercial, retail and residential matters, including developments, investments, projects and corporate structuring transactions. As part of our unique corporate/tax/accounting service offer, our Firm provides a comprehensive service to our clients in the real state practice.


Baraona Marshall is highly experienced in the project finance and infrastructure legal arena. Our lawyers have participated in a variety of deals in all industries and have represented on every side of these transactions, including sponsors, lenders, borrowers, suppliers, investment funds, insurance companies, etc. Our team provides services to our clients from the very early stages of the projects until their completion, giving creative and innovative solutions to each project’s needs.

Our Project Finance team is highly knowledgeable in infrastructure project financing, specially associated to public works or concessions, including, among others, toll-roads, public hospitals, and other similar areas. Our project finance lawyers are also experienced in litigations and dispute resolution procedures relating to project finance transactions.


Baraona Marshall is a leading firm for the financing and development of complex transactions in the energy and natural resources areas. Our team is dedicated to developing efficient solutions to our clients’ demands in a challenging industry context. Our experience in this area comprises a vast array of deals involving natural resources, ranging from wind and solar farms, hydro power and oil and gas infrastructure to mining and metals and pulp and paper deals. Our team is highly experienced in structuring and negotiating all related documentation, involving loan and guarantee contracts, ppas, OM and EPC contracts, suppliers’ contracts, contribution agreements, associations and joint ventures, shareholders’ agreements, real estate arrangements, governmental permits, etc.


Baraona Marshall has a highly developed and specialized M&A practice. Our firm has conducted, and participated in, numerous M&A transactions, advising buyers and sellers, in a wide range of businesses and activities. Our M&A team conducts high-level due diligence processes and data room structuring. In providing advice to our clients, Baraona Marshall has a distinctive experience in negotiating, preparing and structuring financing and guarantee contractual packages, spas, shareholders’ agreements, association and joint venture agreements, together with regulatory matters associated to M&A transactions, as applicable. Our M&A practice covers leveraged buyouts, tender-offers, and takeovers, including privately held and publicly traded corporations. Our M&A practice assists domestic and international clients, in local and cross-border transactions.


In Baraona Marshall we advise and support entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups, emerging companies, individual and institutional investors, as well as venture capital funds and companies in all of their stages, advising them on their structure, corporate governance, financing and regulatory compliance, among other needs.

We believe in entrepreneurship as the driving force for the development of the country and it is with such purpose that we advise entrepreneurs with the same level of sophistication and care we provide our larger clients, adapting to their needs.


Baraona Marshall’s distinctive international exposure provides it a solid position to offer specialized service to international clients in an ever-changing global environment. We offer our foreign clients the highest standard of advisory for the organization of their investments in Chile. We support them in the choice, design and implementation of the legal and tax structure of investment better suited to them, as per the nature and special features of their businesses. We also stand by them in the daily development of their activities in the country.


Baraona Marshall has a reputed practice in civil, commercial, administrative, labor and consumer’s law litigation, including domestic and international arbitration. Our litigation team is active in appearing before all type of courts and tribunals and at all stages of every process, ranging from out of court negotiations to the defense of our clients’ interests before the different courts and tribunals of the country according to the requirement and needs of each case.


Baraona Marshall has been engaged in numerous insolvency and reorganizations processes, involving local and international clients. Our professionals advise all parties involved in this type of transactions, including debtors, lenders (single and syndicated), collateral agents, etc. Our firm has participated in local and cross-border reorganization operations, including proceedings before local courts and Chapter 11 proceedings. In this area our Firm offers a comprehensive advisory to the companies facing financial distress, providing different and creative alternatives of reorganization. Our team has faced highly sophisticated and complex restructurings and corporate reorganizations, including full reorganization of security and guarantee packages.